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Transaction Support Services

Moore provides an umbrella of services that supports company growth, whether organic or through mergers and acquisitions. In recent years, the share of more complex transactions has grown, with the purpose of the transaction being the acquisition of new business capabilities or the development of new markets. These deals require significantly higher proficiency in performing due diligence, including a thorough business understanding of the acquired company, examining its business potential, and addressing complex issues such as synergy and integration.

Our experience in specializing in complex transactions enables us to accompany the transaction from all aspects, through the gathering of information and a quick understanding of financial and accounting exposures, their impact on the company’s forecasts and valuation, all while supporting the company’s management to form a position with the other party to the transaction.

In collaboration with Moore Management consultants, due diligence may include, among other things, operational, marketing, and organizational aspects, as well as integration post-merger services

ices include:

  • Assistance in determining the outline of the transaction, including earnout mechanisms
  • Active support during the negotiation stages of the transaction
  • Limited Exposure Report- as part of a preliminary examination, before signing an agreement and entering into full due diligence
  • Due diligence on the accounting/financial side, where the product is an exposure report, which allows the buyer to formulate a negotiating position, and if necessary, require a price adjustment or an indemnity mechanism
  • Economic/business due diligence, examination of: business plan, and company forecasting, segmentation of activities by product groups, customer types and regions, customer or product dependency analysis, input analysis, overall business risk analysis and forecast range of scenarios and upsides
  • Valuation of the company or acquired business
  • Transaction fairness examination
  • Assistance in building a strategic plan, utilizing synergies, and creating a goal map to create value as part of the merger or acquisition process
  • Vendor Due Diligence- Performing due diligence for the seller and accompanying the seller in negotiation with potential investor as part of a tender or other procedure.
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