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RMoore egulatory Opinion

specializes in preparing economic opinions for regulatory needs.


Government ministries and various regulatory agencies often rely on an external expert for policy determination or policy validation. An economic opinion is an important tool in the decision-making process of regulatory institutions, or as a legal support tool. Also, private sector companies or organizations that may be affected by a particular reform or regulatory regulation are assisted by a specialist in the field to respond quickly to the emerging change.


On these and other issues, Moore Financial Consulting’s team of experts can assist you.


Among the types of economic opinions we provide:

  • Economic opinion used as a tool for building new policy or emerging reform
  • An economic opinion examining the economic damage that will be caused to society, industry, or the economy as a result of a new regulation or reform
  • Quantifying positive or negative externalities of the entire economy or specific industries
  • Economic opinion in antitrust matters
  • International comparisons (Benchmark) as a tool for examining regulatory policy or as a tool for private companies
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