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Financial Reporting

Our vast experience in accompanying part of the leading transactions and companies in the Israeli economy, multidisciplinary expertise, the ability to provide out of the box creative ad-hoc solutions, together with direct and intensive involvement of our senior partners in each project, enable us to offer to our clients a unique set of values in the industry.

Valuation Services

Whether the purpose of the valuation is a transaction, financial reporting, litigation or tax, our diversified experience enables us to perform a profound analysis of the business and the industry, and to deal with complex issues such as synergies, control premium and analysis of complex financial Instruments.  

Litigation Support

Our specialization in litigation processes that require economic expertise enables us to deal with complex issues such as financial strength, debt repayment ability, valuation and dividend distribution, working closely with the managers and legal advisors and providing expert testimony in court.


We guide companies and investors in all kind of transactions, Sell Side as well as Buy Side, from initiating the transaction and mapping the opportunities, assisting in negotiating, due diligence, until the closing of the deal.

Transaction Services

In recent years, the share of more complex transactions has grown. These deals require significantly higher proficiency in performing due diligence, including a thorough business understanding of the acquired company and addressing complex issues such as synergy and integration.

Our experience in specializing in complex transactions enables us to present financial and accounting exposures all while supporting the company’s management to form a position with the other party to the transaction.

Financial Reporting

We specialize in preparing economic opinions that are used for financial reporting in various types of accounting standards, including impairment, PPA, valuation of financial instruments and employee options.

Regulation Support

Government ministries and various regulatory agencies often rely on an external expert for policy determination or policy validation.

In addition, private sector companies or organizations that may be affected by a particular reform or regulatory regulation are assisted by a specialist in the field to respond quickly to the emerging change. We specialize in preparing opinions in complex economic issues that include international comparisons (Benchmark).

Project Finance

We provide advice to private companies, government ministries, funding institutes, and consortium in raising capital or debt, creating financial models and providing financing solutions related to energy and infrastructure projects.

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