MOORE’s leading executive management is a team of skilled, experienced
professionals with real-world knowledge. Our team has experience in a wide
variety of industries and sectors in Israel and around the world.

Aaron founded the global Israeli consulting firm TEFEN in 1982, in which he was owner and CEO, employing about 300 people worldwide.

In his role as CEO of TEFEN, he led numerous projects in various fields such as manufacturing, logistics, retail, energy, health, finance, and more.

Aaron has played a significant role in developing methodologies and tools in the areas of strategy, operational excellence, commercial and organizational excellence, quality control, supply chain, R&D, BI, and more.

In 2017, Aaron, alongside Yair Redl, founded AY Augmented Management, which, in early 2019, partnered with the accounting firm Lion Orlitzky and came to be what is now MOORE management consulting.

Aaron holds his B.Sc. in Industrial Engineering and Management from Tel Aviv University.


Yair is a proven leader in recovery and merger processes and has extensive experience due to his previous positions as VP of TEFEN Consulting and Director of Consulting at DELOITTE.

Yair has practical experience in various management positions in companies such as ‘Oniya” Direct Mailing (by HA’ARETZ Group), Leumit National Health Fund, the Jewish Agency for Israel, and more.

In 2017, Yair, alongside Aaron Lichtenstein, founded AY Augmented Management, which, in early 2019, partnered with the accounting firm Lion Orlitzky and came to be what is now MOORE management consulting.

Yair holds a B.A in Mathematics and Physics from City University of New York- Queens College and an M.Sc. in Operations Research from Columbia University.


Pini has more than 20 years of experience in economic and financial consulting to part of the leading businesses in Israel. In the past he served as the CEO of BDO Consulting Group, supervising more than 100 employees, a director in the group subsidiaries and responsible for business development.

In the last years Pini was a partner at Beta Finance, where among other fields he advised the Ministry of Communication in spectrum mapping and deployment of 5G.

The broad variety of projects which he managed include advising the Ministry of Finance and Sheshinski Committee with respect to natural gas royalties and managing the auction of selling the government rights in Road 6. In addition, Pini managed hundreds of consulting projects in different areas such as valuations, economic projects, due diligence and litigation support opinions.

 Pini’s vast experience brings a holistic view in which he is capable of diagnosing client’s needs and introducing specific solutions tailored to the business characteristics.

 Pini holds a MA in Economics from Tel Aviv University.


Asaf is a senior economic consultant, expert in deals advisory, with more than 20 years of experience in consulting some of the leading companies in Israel, 10 years of that as a partner at BDO. Asaf has advised entities like Fortissimo Fund, Phoenix, Daweoo Int., Nawi Group, Ikea and Palo Alto Networks in acquisitions, M&A, IPOs, and to international companies entering Israel.

Asaf brings to the table a holistic view in business, finance, accounting and strategy, such that his work provides sufficient confidence in the business decision-making, while he is also capable of introducing non-conventional solutions for successfully finalizing transactions and other business activities.

Asaf has also specialized in preparing expert economic opinions for litigation or regulatory purposes.

In the past Asaf served as a CFO of Ferring Pharmaceuticals, an international company, and before that he was a senior economic in Applies Economics, a company controlled by Prof. Zvi Eckstein, former Bank of Israel Deputy Governor.

Asaf is a CPA with M.A in Economics from Tel-Aviv University, and during several years he was a lecturer in strategy in the MBA program at Tel-Aviv University.


Hagar is an experienced consultant in the areas of organization and methods, sales, services, organizational excellence, operations, and logistics.

She has years of experience leading significant projects in a variety of sectors in the Israeli economy, including manufacturing, industry, retail, finance, health, and more.

Hagar specializes in cost reduction, process analysis, and change implementation.

Hagar holds a B.Sc. in Industrial Engineering and Management from Tel Aviv University.


Anat has 35 years of consulting experience with senior management in Israel and around the world. Anat was CEO of the Israeli consulting firm TEFEN for about 20 years.

She has experience in leading and developing dozens of projects in a variety of subjects and industries.

Anat specializes in establishing and implementing change, with an emphasis on service organizations in the finance and health sectors.

Anat holds a B.A in Mathematics with honors from the Technion University.


Neta has eight years of experience in marketing and sales in global organizations. Neta concentrates on leading marketing and sales processes in organizations that provide service.

She has experience in business development and specializes in business networking.

Neta holds a B.A in Behavioral Science with a specialization in Management, Marketing, and MIS, from the College of Management.

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