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Mergers And Acquisitions

Moore guides companies and investors throughout mergers, acquisitions, partner entering (financial or strategic), and debt raising.

We accompany both Sell Side and Buy Side transactions, from the stage of initiating the transaction, mapping potential investors or target companies, assisting in negotiating, mapping the difficulties/challenges to execute the transaction and finding the relevant solutions, accompanying the company in the due diligence phase until the closing of the transaction.

  •  We offer a variety of services in the field of M&A according to the customer’s requirements, including:
  • Preparing a set for investors that includes a one-page, business plan and investor presentation
  • Finding potential companies to acquire in Israel and abroad
  • Finding local and international investors
  • Active support during the negotiation stages of the transaction
  • Assistance in planning the outline of the transaction, including earnout mechanisms
  • Accompanying the acquirer in the due diligence phase and finding tools to adjust the transaction price after the examination and/or indemnity mechanisms
  • Assistance in building a strategic plan, utilizing synergies, and creating a goal map to create value as a part of the merger or acquisition process
  • Finding investors and accompanying startups
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