Post-merger integration for a leading trading company in the auto accessories field


Three car accessories companies were consolidated and required significant preparations to merge the companies into one, with one branding, and a real value proposition for customers.


The project is divided into three main steps:

  1. Refining the strategy and identifying synergy centers, Stake Holders mapping- defining the conceptual basis on which the merged company plan will be based.
  2. Preparation of a merger work plan and appointment of the merger management team according to the central units of the organization- finance, operations, human resources, information systems, sales, procurement, marketing, and quality control.

Each unit is required to characterize activities and responsibilities, organizational structure, infrastructure, information systems, and interfaces within and outside the organization.

  1. Implementing organizational and operational change while managing change- Moore Management led the merger teams in each unit and managed the joint project for team synchronization, schedule management, and merger progress.


Success in the air throughout all project sections- meeting the defined milestones and creating ongoing activities, locating and preventing risks throughout the merger process, minimizing short-term shocks, creating an organizational and operational infrastructure that fits the merged company’s strategy in the immediate and long term.

Sample activities: Dilution of inventory at various sites, planning distribution lines and dynamic distribution plans, training and overlap for company employees, agents and distribution systems, assistance in formulating sale strategies including profitability, payment, and aggregate oblige for both companies.

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