Digital Transformation- HELP!

Based on the article Digital Transformation Is Not About Technology by Ed Lam, Kirk Girard, and Vernon Aeverin published on March 13, 2019 in Harvard Business Review.

A 2019 survey of CEOs and senior executives found that the digital transformation of the organization is their biggest concern.

The estimated loss of misalignment of digital transformation in various organizations is $900 billion in the US market in the past year.

This article will present five ‘keys to success’ for the proper implementation of digital transformation in the organization.

Refining the business strategy has yet to make a significant financial investment

Focus on the goal and not the tool. For example, the strategy is not to switch to machine learning technologies but to shorten response times in specific processes. The tool is a product of the strategy and not the other way around.

Focusing on clear goals will enable you to find the most optimal and effective solution in terms of cost-effectiveness.

Leveraging existing knowledge in the organization

The right method to transform the organization (digital or otherwise) is to consult with the employees, ‘our experts in the field’. Although it is necessary to maintain regularity and interests, employees have first- hand knowledge of the chances of such and other solutions to succeed.

Improving customer experience from the outside in

If the goal of the digital transformation is to improve customer satisfaction, then every effort should be made at the stage of diagnosing customer insights. The best way to know what and how to change is to gather as much information as possible about customer wants and needs.

Identifying and addressing employees ‘concerns about being replaced’

Often employees feel threatened by the digitalization entry into the organization, so they do not cooperate. The lack of cooperation makes it very difficult for the organization to succeed, and even at times, fail. It is important to convey to the employees this message and to intend it because transitioning to digitalization can improve the work experience, streamline processes, improve ergonomic issues, and even upgrade their skills set to suit the future industry.

Adopting the startup culture for the organization

When performing the digital transformation, decisions must be made quickly and make changes and adjustments while on the move. Also, groups from different departments in the organization are involved, so an old-fashioned hierarchical organization approach must be disposed of and moved to a flatter approach. Performing a digital transformation should be done with an Agile approach.

In any organization where digital transformation has succeeded and led to better business results, at least one of the keys to success can be identified, which has been a leading and prominent principle in the process of implementation.

The significant challenges facing the organization that can threaten the process of digital transformation must be examined and should be emphasized on an ongoing basis throughout the process.

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