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Sales, Marketing & Business Development

Increasing sales and market share is a significant challenge for any company. The phrase ‘right the first time’ is validated when it comes to revenue-generating processes. At MOORE, we believe that designing and planning marketing and sales processes in a professional, accessible (Agile), and results-oriented manner will lead to significant achievements.

Customer Life Cycle Management

Implementing advanced CRM methodologies and processes in the world of customer relationship management.

Pricing and Cost

Designing and implementing custom pricing models based on the organization’s specific needs and actual costs.

Sales Effectiveness

Maximizing sales potential in the field by improving market coverage and supporting sales tools and workforce skills.

Route to Market

Optimizing sales and distribution channels in terms of composition, volume, methods, growth, and customer experience.

Cost Reduction

Reducing expenses by accurately managing human resources, procurement,
supply chain, and more.

New Product Launch

Launch Planning- Resources for sale, production, storage, and distribution. Pre-launch and post-launch work plans

CRM- Client Relationship Management

Characterization and implementation of the best strategies, processes, routines, and tools for managing the organization’s customer relations.

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