Operational Excellence

Moving the organization from one point to another is a complicated task.
We offer our guidance in management, processes, and change
implementation while you bring professionalism and experience from your
unique field. Together we will lead to excellence.

Manufacturing Excellence

Cultivating standards in manufacturing processes and improving key metrics like
OEE, OTD, etc.

Human Capital

Managing human capital throughout the employee lifecycle. Sorting and
recruiting, absorption, development and training, measurement and remuneration,
termination, and more. Defining reward models, KPIs, & other forms of increasing
employee motivation.

Post-Merger Integration (PMI)

Characterization and implementation of the new organization under the
acquisition/merger strategy: operational concept, organizational structure, role
definitions, processes, value propositions, information systems, customers,
suppliers, and more.

Organizational Excellence

Maximizing the organizations capabilities by optimizing structure and defining role

Cost Reduction

Reducing expenses by accurately managing human resources, procurement,
supply chain, and more.

Project Management

Planning, managing, and supervising projects to ensure timely execution, reduced
risk, and optimal results.

Change Management

Optimizing change management processes that lead to high employee
engagement, employee satisfaction, improving customer experience, and more.
Helping organizations succeed in implementing change.

Process Improvement

Reengineering existing processes to increase productivity and the effectiveness of
the process significantly.

Recovery Process

Changing business results with highly impactful, fast methods. Breaking
conventions and challenging every ‘sacred cow’ in the organization for the sake of
its recovery.

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