We are a team of skilled professionals who bring real world knowledge, experience and soul into every project. Our executive management has decades of experience in the management consulting business, in an extensive variety of industries from all over the world.
Aaron Lichtenstein
Managing Partner
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Aaron Lichtenstein, born 1955 in Tel-Aviv, Israel, has more than 30 years of experience in management consulting.

Following his vision to help companies maximize their competitiveness and drive organizations towards achieving performance excellence, Aaron founded Tefen,  a global Israeli consulting firm, in 1982, and was the major shareholder in the company. As CEO of Tefen, Aaron is well known for leading, creating and developing the company from a small boutique Israeli management consulting firm to an international company, employing hundreds of consultants. In 1994, Aaron led the company's IPO on the Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE). Over the years, under Aaron's leadership, the company has expanded its practices and geographical presence through acquisitions of consulting firms and partnerships to twelve major cities across five continents, providing consulting services in the United States and Europe, as well as holding strategic cooperation agreements with consulting firms in developing and developed countries such as India, Singapore, and the Ukraine. 

Aaron has developed methodologies and lead projects in a variety of fields, such as strategy, commercial excellence, operations & organization, manufacturing quality, supply chain, research & development (R&D) excellence, corporate finance, BI, AI, and more. Aaron has worked in a wide range of industries, such as Life Sciences, Healthcare, High Tech, Manufacturing, Retail, Energy & Utilities, Financial Services, and more. 


As of 2017, Aaron has been serving as an independent director, representing the public in board of directors of companies such as Baran. In 2017, Aaron co-founded AY Augmented Management as a boutique management consulting firm, together with Yair Redl. Aaron and Yair developed the concept of Augmented Management in order to directly support CEOs and business leaders and improve their organizations in becoming more competitive, innovative and agile.


In 2018, AY Augmented Management has partnered with Lion Orlitzky & Co (Moore Stephens Israel), a leading Israeli accounting firm (part of Moore Stephens International), to establish Moore Management Consulting.


Aaron holds his B.Sc. in Industrial Engineering with distinction in 1980 from Tel Aviv University.

Hagar Sagy
Partner, VP Operations
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Hagar has been in management consulting since 2011 and has a wide experience with various types of companies and projects. Her last role was a director in the services division of Tefen Management Consulting.


Hagar has vast experience in the fields of cost reduction, operational and organizational analysis and process analysis and improvement. Her projects have brought significant improvement in revenue and operational effectiveness to her clients.


Hagar also has high expertise in the field of change management and change implementation. She managed various large-scale, long and significant implementation projects in different leading companies.  


Hagar has worked with clients from a large variety of sectors, such as food manufacturers (Miki delicatessen, Strauss), textile and home decor (Aminach, Bagir, Vardinon), logistics and freight (Zim, Veridis (former Veolia IL), Fridenson), Construction (Readymix (Cemex IL), Electra), Finance (Leumi, Bituach Haklai (Central Cooperative Society)) and others.


Hagar holds a B.Sc. in Industrial Engineering and Management from Tel Aviv University. 

Yair Redl
Managing Partner
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Yair Redl is a proven leader in establishing operational improvements across large organizations. Yair is known for excellence in identifying high value opportunities and driving change by establishing best practices, diagnostics, workflow enhancements, and cross-team collaborations. Experienced in strategic & tactical planning, optimizing operations, marketing, business development through partnerships and M&A, and introducing new rationalization processes for numerous clients, including large government organizations, financial institutions, HMOs, manufacturing companies, and hi-tech enterprises.

Yair served as VP Projects at Tefen, an international management consulting firm. In his role at Tefen, Yair helped establish Tefen branch offices in the U.S. and Europe, and was instrumental in positioning the company as consultancy leaders in the global semiconductor industry. Yair successfully managed company-based projects and provided senior consulting services to several high profile industrial engineering and management ventures.

Yair then served as CEO of "ONIYAH" Direct Mailing (by HA’ARETZ Group), and as CIO & Director of Recovery Process at Leumit Health Fund (HMO).

Yair then joined Deloitte Israel as Partner and CEO of Deloitte Consulting LLP, where he played an active role in business development and marketing of management consulting services in the areas of multi-disciplinary enterprise applications, technology integration, strategy and operations, human capital, and short-term outsourcing services.

Yair also served as Director of the Immigration (Aliyah) Division at the Jewish Agency for Israel, where he managed, among other activities, the global immigration activity, including the Division’s marketing network and emissaries in 64 countries worldwide. 

In 2017, Yair co-founded AY Augmented Management as a boutique management consulting firm, together with Aaron Lichtenstein. Yair and Aaron developed the concept of Augmented Management in order to directly support CEOs and business leaders and improve their organizations in becoming more competitive, innovative and agile.

In 2018, AY Augmented Management has partnered with Lion Orlitzky & Co (Moore Stephens Israel), a leading Israeli accounting firm (part of (Moore Stephens International), to establish Moore Management Consulting.

Yair holds a B.A. in Mathematics and Physics, from City University of New York-Queens College, and an M.Sc. in Operations Research from Columbia University.

Micha Ronen
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Micha Ronen has vast experience in both management and finance rolls in leading companies in Israel for over three decades.

Over the years, Micha has gained executive experience in retail, industrial, and High-tech industries, in both private and public companies (Tel Aviv and Nasdaq Stock Exchanges), leading bold executive moves locally and internationally, including IPO's and corporate due diligence.

Micha is a Certified Public Accountant and holds MBAs in both Finance and Marketing, in addition to a B.Sc. in Mathematics and Accounting from Tel Aviv University.

Currently, Micha serves as the CEO of A.Y. Mavlet Technologies Ltd – a leading tools and die metal factory, owned by Moore Management Consulting Group.


Micha's past rolls include: CEO of Schulz Catering Ltd., the leading provider of catering solutions for enterprises and businesses in Israel. Micha also has held key executive positions in several prominent Israeli companies, including textile and fashion giants Honigman Group and Bagir Group, Shilav Group - the leading baby-product chain store in Israel and Cimatron – a leading CAD/CAM software solutions company.

Eshel Segal
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Eshel Segal is well known for the 20 years he spent creating and developing the Segal Wines Group, serving as CEO and partner in a leading winery and distillery and becoming Israel's largest wine importer. Beyond the careful management of a quality industry with elite branding of hundreds of products, he also developed the Upper Galilee as a wine producing region, oversaw massive vineyard planting, established an olive oil and gourmet delicacies industry and penetrated the local and duty-free markets with dozens of noted international food and beverage brands. These include the Martini group, San Pellegrino (Nestle Group) and Evian (Danone) mineral water, the Danish Distillers Group, the largest and leading Irish and Scots whiskeys and leading producers of champagne, cognac and liquors. The Segal Group distributed dozens of the world’s most respected wines to the Israeli and duty-free markets. After selling this business,


Eshel Segal continued working in varied facets of management. In the early 
2000's, he served as CEO of Tower Records, Israel's largest chain of music stores, doubling its revenues within 4 years in a dynamic, constantly changing marketplace. With the chain’s successful sale, Segal continued in the field of retail and was appointed CEO of Yellow, Israel's largest convenience store 
chain. Along with partners he also established a number of private businesses. 


Since 2006, Eshel Segal has served as CEO of the Council for a Beautiful Israel (CBI), Israel's leading NGO in the field of improving quality of life and one of its largest non-profit organizations. With the help of 2,000 volunteers, a small staff of employees and efficient management, CBI has established a presence 
throughout Israel, more than tripling its size to become the leader in environmental education for all strata of society, working in various frameworks, holding national and local campaigns in the fields of environment and sustainability and carrying out a wide range of community projects. 

Segal also served as a member of the Marketing Board of the Israeli Industry Association. He was an active member of the Israeli Chamber of Commerce, a board member of the Tefen Engineering, a public consulting company, and a board member of the Israeli Wine Institute. 

After completing his military service as a combat soldier and one of the Israel's Defense Forces youngest Hawk missile battery commanders, Segal pursued academic studies, earning a B.Sc. in industrial engineering and an MBA from Tel Aviv University. In 2013, he received an LL.B. from the faculty of law at Ono Academic College, graduating on the Dean’s List. 

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