Sales, Marketing & Business Development

Increasing sales and market share is a major challenge in our fast-moving digital world. The quality of Marketing processes is crucial and "Right the first time" gets a whole new, profounder meaning when it comes to revenue generators. We, at Moore, believe in professional, agile planning and designing of these processes that can help you reach your goals.
Customer Life Cycle Management

Implementing best practices of clients' engagement and client relationship management.

Pricing and Costing

Designing and implementing tailor-made pricing models based on the organization's specific needs and actual costs.

Sales Force Effectiveness

Maximizing sales force potential by increasing market coverage and improving sales tools and personnel.

Route to Market

Optimizing channels, distribution, volume and profit growth to drive your sales forward and achieve customer satisfaction.

NPI – New Product Introduction

Designing the launch process in the most effective way for best results. Including roadmap, all stages design, content generating, workplan design etc.

Client Relationship Management

Defining and implementing the best strategy, processes, routines and tools to manage your clients.

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