Operational Excellence

Taking your organization from one point to another is a professional process by itself. We bring our professionalism in analysis, management and change implementation, while you bring the professionalism of your company's field. Together we will take your organization to excellence.
Manufacturing Excellence

Raising standards of manufacturing processes and improving main KPIs such as OEE, OTD, quality KPIs etc.

Human Capital

Strategy and processes to managing human capital across the employee life-cycle. Defining and implementing KPIs, employees rewarding models and other forms of increasing employees' motivation.

Post Merger Integration (PMI)

Visioning, defining and implementing the new organization according to the joint company's strategy: operational concept, organizational structure, R&R, processes, finance, IT systems and other tools, clients, suppliers etc.

Organizational Structure, Roles & Responsibilities

Maximizing the organization's capabilities on all levels and defining each position and unit's roles and responsibilities.

Cost Reduction

Reviewing and reduction all expenses by improving purchasing, utilization, supply chain, work load etc.

Project Management

Planning, monitoring and closing properly a project to ensure timely execution, reduced risk and better results.

Change Management

Preparing and supporting organizations succeed in the implementation of any organizational change (process changes or reviews, M&A etc.)

Processes Reengineering

Redesigning existing processes to dramatically improve productivity and quality and bring more added value to the final product or service delivered. 

Turn around SMB

Improving results significantly by changing the operational concept and breaking the conventions.

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